OS Reviews Mission Statement

Hendrik Weimer


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The history of free and open source software is a tremendous success. Each day, hundreds of projects show up on places like Freshmeat and SourceForge, and it has become impossible to keep track of all of them. OS Reviews aims to help you to keep track on what exciting projects exist in the world of free software.

It often occurs that you have a task to perform and several programs on your list that possibly could fill the bill. However, to determine which program is the best tool would often take more time than the original task. Another well-known effect is that after writing your own application with thousands of lines of code you stumble upon a piece of software that does the same job even better. Therefore, it is our mission to unveil the hidden gems that reside in the depths of the net.

Our focus is somewhat centered around the GNU/Linux platform. However, we will mention explicitly if a program won't work under other free operating systems like the various BSDs. If you are running Windows for some reason, you need to figure that out for yourself.

OS Reviews is a project from within and for the free software community. We will make periodical releases of our content under a free license. Our goal is to promote the use of free software by writing especially about good and not so well known free programs.

No matter whether you are an experienced free software programmer or a novice user who has just discovered Firefox and OpenOffice, we hope that OS Reviews will be a useful resource for you.

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