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  • Games
    XSkat: Grand With Four

    Posted: 2006-07-03 08:25

    XSkat brings the card game Skat to your computer. Skat is one of the most popular card games in Germany, combining sophisticated tactical play with a small amount of luck.

  • Administration
    Usermin: User's Little Helper

    Posted: 2006-06-20 08:33

    Usermin is a web-based solution allowing users to do various tasks like editing mail filters or managing SSH logins. Administrators do not need to give full access to users accessing the system.

  • Communications
    Gnus: Versatile Mail and News Client

    Posted: 2006-06-02 06:54

    Gnus is both a mail and news reader combined in a single application. It is run from within GNU Emacs or XEmacs and can be customized and extended in many ways.

  • Development
    Objective Caml: Advanced Functional Programming

    Posted: 2006-05-25 08:37

    Objective Caml is the main implementation of the Caml language, a functional programming language which belongs to the ML language family.

  • Administration
    ngrep: Simple But Powerful Network Sniffer

    Posted: 2006-05-24 15:08

    ngrep is a network tool for searching and inspecting individual packets. Filters are similar to tcpdump, the search syntax is derived from GNU grep.

  • Miscellaneous
    Disc-Cover: Rip, Mix, Create a Cover

    Posted: 2006-05-17 11:35

    Disc-Cover is a tool for creating CD covers based on track information. It supports CDDB queries and offers a number of options.

  • Communications
    Ekiga: Vox Libertas

    Posted: 2006-05-04 06:00

    Ekiga a Voice over IP (VoIP) suite for audio and video communication. The successor to GnomeMeeting supports both SIP and the H.323 protocol.

  • Communications
    AWStats: Flexible but Insecure

    Posted: 2006-05-03 17:09

    Advanced Web Statistics, or AWStats, is a graphical log file analyzer for web, mail, FTP and other servers.

  • Miscellaneous
    LMMS: Born to Rock

    Posted: 2006-04-29 12:17

    LMMS is a music sequencer that allows you to create music with or without actually playing an instrument.

  • Development
    SQLite: Embedded SQL that 'just works'

    Posted: 2006-04-24 10:29

    In contrast to large database systems like PostgreSQL or MySQL, SQLite does not require to install a database server. All SQL operations are done on a simple file using a C library.

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