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  • AWStats: Flexible but Insecure

    Advanced Web Statistics, or AWStats, is a graphical log file analyzer for web, mail, FTP and other servers.

  • Ekiga: Vox Libertas

    Ekiga a Voice over IP (VoIP) suite for audio and video communication. The successor to GnomeMeeting supports both SIP and the H.323 protocol.

  • Gnus: Versatile Mail and News Client

    Gnus is both a mail and news reader combined in a single application. It is run from within GNU Emacs or XEmacs and can be customized and extended in many ways.

  • LiveHTTPHeaders: Debugging the Web

    LiveHTTPHeaders is an extension to Mozilla browsers that allows the debugging of HTTP header data. It is possible to resend requests with modified header contents.

  • Mozilla PrefBar: Rediscover Your Browser

    The PrefBar is a toolbar for the browsers of the Mozilla family to quickly perform configuration changes or alter the behavior of the browser in certain situations. Prominent examples are cookie handling or choosing a different proxy.

  • OpenVPN: Virtual Private Networks Made Easy

    OpenVPN is an application to tunnel IP networks over a single TCP or UDP port in order to create a virtual private network (VPN). Authentication and encryption is done using the OpenSSL library. In contrast to IPSec the protocol is simple and robust.

  • Tor: Anonymous Internet for the Masses

    Tor stands for "The Onion Router" or "Tor's Onion Router" and is an implementation of a second-generation onion routing network, which allows totally anonymous communication over the Internet.

  • ngrep: Simple But Powerful Network Sniffer

    ngrep is a network tool for searching and inspecting individual packets. Filters are similar to tcpdump, the search syntax is derived from GNU grep.

  • rbldnsd: Build Your Own Spam Blacklist

    rbldnsd is a name server that is designated to implement a blacklist for spam fighting and other purposes.

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