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  • AqBanking: Professional Online Banking

    AqBanking is an online banking solution supporting various widely used standards. It provides a GUI personal finance application, a console frontend, and a C library interface.

  • Electric Fence: Hunting Heap Overflows

    Electric Fence is a memory debugger for hunting heap-based buffer overflows. It provides a wrapper around the memory management functions of the standard C library.

  • Inline: From Perl to C and Back Again

    Inline is a Perl module creating an interface between Perl and other programming languages. In contrast to other approaches, it is very easy to use and results can be generated within minutes.

  • Knoda: Access Denied

    Knoda is a graphical database frontend. It supports a variety of database backends and allows to edit and use tables, queries, forms and reports. A Python scripting environment adds a new dimension to database programming.

  • LAPACK: Linear Algebra on Speed

    LAPACK is a Fortran library for numerical computations in linear algebra. Excellent performance and many specialized algorithms make it very popular within the scientific community.

  • LiveHTTPHeaders: Debugging the Web

    LiveHTTPHeaders is an extension to Mozilla browsers that allows the debugging of HTTP header data. It is possible to resend requests with modified header contents.

  • OProfile: Behavior Analysis of Your Code

    OProfile is a tool for profiling programs, which is often used to analyse their performance. OProfile can be used to profile both userspace and kernel code.

  • Objective Caml: Advanced Functional Programming

    Objective Caml is the main implementation of the Caml language, a functional programming language which belongs to the ML language family.

  • SQLite: Embedded SQL that 'just works'

    In contrast to large database systems like PostgreSQL or MySQL, SQLite does not require to install a database server. All SQL operations are done on a simple file using a C library.

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