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  • AWStats: Flexible but Insecure

    Advanced Web Statistics, or AWStats, is a graphical log file analyzer for web, mail, FTP and other servers.

  • Bacula: Workhorse for Network Backups

    Bacula is a network-based backup solution that offers a scalable infrastructure to backup everything from a single host to networks consisting of hundreds of computers.

  • Endeavour Mark II: File Manager for GUI Fans

    Endeavour Mark II is a graphical file manager. Based on its MIME type, a file can be viewed and edited in many customizable ways. Included with the file manager are an image browser and an archiver.

  • Usermin: User's Little Helper

    Usermin is a web-based solution allowing users to do various tasks like editing mail filters or managing SSH logins. Administrators do not need to give full access to users accessing the system.

  • ngrep: Simple But Powerful Network Sniffer

    ngrep is a network tool for searching and inspecting individual packets. Filters are similar to tcpdump, the search syntax is derived from GNU grep.

  • strace: Dissecting Programs

    strace is a tool that monitors every system call a program makes. It is very convenient for finding out the basic workings of a program or obtaining valuable information in case of trouble.

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