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  • Disc-Cover: Rip, Mix, Create a Cover

    Disc-Cover is a tool for creating CD covers based on track information. It supports CDDB queries and offers a number of options.

  • Hyper Estraier: Searching the Scene

    Hyper Estraier is a search engine solution with a Google-like query syntax. A web-based frontend can be easily customized by using templates. The size of the search index is only limited by hardware constraints.

  • K3b: Easy CD and DVD Creation

    K3b is a user-friendly CD and DVD authoring application. Besides burning custom CDs and DVDs ripping and cloning is also supported.

  • LMMS: Born to Rock

    LMMS is a music sequencer that allows you to create music with or without actually playing an instrument.

  • SportsTracker: Staying Fit with Free Software

    SportsTracker is an application to keep track of the user's activities in endurance sports. New sports and excercise events can be added easily, and simple statictical features are provided as well.

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