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  • AqBanking: Professional Online Banking

    AqBanking is an online banking solution supporting various widely used standards. It provides a GUI personal finance application, a console frontend, and a C library interface.

  • Knoda: Access Denied

    Knoda is a graphical database frontend. It supports a variety of database backends and allows to edit and use tables, queries, forms and reports. A Python scripting environment adds a new dimension to database programming.

  • LaTeX Beamer Class: Presentations with Style

    The beamer document class brings presentation design to LaTeX. Beamer presentations are created very similarly to usual documents, thus offering the whole features of the LaTeX typesetting sytem.

  • pst-pdf: Unifying PDF with PostScript for LaTeX

    The pst-pdf package for LaTeX offers an easy way to create PDF files from documents containing PostScript images or native PostScript commands. Apart from including the package and using a shell script to build the PDF file no further steps are required.

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