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  • First-Person Shooters

    Free First-person shooters are a very popular genre, thanks to id Software's various GPLed engines. PrBoom, OpenArena and Nexuiz are facing up against each other in order to determine the best.

  • NetHack: Gods, Monsters and Men

    A role-playing game with modest graphics but enormous depth. 13 character classes and an almost completely randomly generated dungeon ensure that no game is like an other.

  • Nexuiz: A First-Person Shooter That Lasts

    Nexuiz is a first-person shooter with impressive graphics. An intelligent campaign mode ensures that the game stays interesting for more than a few hours.

  • OpenArena: Pleasure to Frag

    Based on the GPLed Quake III engine, OpenArena is a first-person shooter mainly focussed on multiplayer games. It also features bots with a configurable strength.

  • Pioneers: Succesful Adaption of a Successful Board Game

    Pioneers is an adaption of the award-winning board game "Settlers of Catan". It offers every aspect of the dead tree edition but brings in some new elements as well.

  • PrBoom: A Tribute To The Early Nineties

    PrBoom is a first-person shooter derived from the Doom engine, which debuted in 1993. The game retains much of the original gameplay, but offers a few new features.

  • The Battle for Wesnoth: Hero of Strategy Games

    The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy background. Units advance by gaining fighting experience and can be carried on to the next scenario of a campaign.

  • XSkat: Grand With Four

    XSkat brings the card game Skat to your computer. Skat is one of the most popular card games in Germany, combining sophisticated tactical play with a small amount of luck.

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